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Lumber and wood pallets for sale of best quality

Best quality lumber

Give life to your architectural works with lumber and beams of best quality. We offer you a wide range of lumber products of local wood: oak, spruce, pine, ash tree, and also, some exotic species: meranti, eucalyptus, teak; both in standard or in custom size.

Also, we know how important is to carry your goods in safety, which is why we offer a wide variety of resistant europallets, wood pallets in different sizes (standard and customized).

Choose lumber as building material for your architectural projects:

  • Durability
    In appropriate circumstances, the wood is timely resistant. Some special treatments should be considered against insects and fungi that could threat the life of wood products. Overall, there are approximately four techniques that can be used to avoid wood decay:
    • Special techniques for humidity control;
    • Insects suppression techniques;
    • Proper usage of wood essences, considering their hardness to serve specific strength requirements;
    • Specific maintenance for preserving wood qualities and characteristics.
  • Eco-efficiency
    Wood is a natural material that has no negative influences on health, unlike other materials used in construction. Also, using wood is 100% ecological. We are committed to use only wood from rationally exploited forests;
  • Aesthetics
    Wood ennobles your home by its intrinsic beauty and by almost unlimited possibilities of designing different shapes, colours and styles.

Our offer of lumber, pallets and other wood products:

We owe the ultimate technologies for quality processing and numerous warehouses for proper storage of wood products. Therefore, our lumber and wood products meet the highest quality standards and are available in different forms and shapes, with standard or custom size:

  • Wood pallets for sale;
  • Beams;
  • Boards;
  • Carvings etc.

Have you decided on your architectural project? Let us provide you the lumber and wood products that you need!

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