Multi-layer Wood Carpentry

Multi-layer wood doors

As the first impression is never forgotten, a special entrance into your home adds nobility and elegance to space and remains deeply etched in the mind of the visitors.

Why choose a multi-layer wood door against a PVC or aluminium door?


Multi-layer wood windows

The beauty of each wood window lays in that it captures a unique landscape which is therefore framed into a classic, traditional or modernist personalized decor.

Why choose multi-layer wood windows for your home?


Engineered wood flooring

Best quality of engineered wood flooring, from different types of wood, and in a great variety of shapes and colours. We provide transportation and installation in best conditions.

What type of wood flooring do you want for your home?


Luca Global Group

About us: Luca Global Group

Within the company Luca Global Group, we accentuate the beauty and durability of wood to bring comfort into your home.

Since we started our business until present, we honoured the faith of our customers by shaping wood with great skill to create that unique form to fit perfectly into the desired place, whatever is about a window, an interior or exterior door, or a gazebo into a garden.

Our company produces, sells and installs, at the highest quality standards, interior and exterior wood carpentry:


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